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If you land here you've probably done something stupid.

You know how some people have an autograph book? Well I have something similiar, but it requires your soul.

A guest. She has agreed to follow Hades to the underworld by the promise of having a place to forget about her pains.
Hint: In order to leave, she has to leave something as well, literally - if you know what I mean.

The elder. Due to events out of Hades' control he had been able to make a deal with the boy. Including to let him age until he would make for a more acceptable king to his people.
Gone. But for a nice price, if I may say so. Don't worry about me I'm fine.

The unlucky fellow. Seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, or an eternity of serving the Lord of the Dead to fix it was her choice to make.
Hint: Destroy the mirror, the entrance to Wonderland.

+1 Ally [Siren]

The lonely little monkey. In one of her most vulnerable states she was put even lower 'by accident' and Hades just happened to be around the corner to fix her little long-distance relationship problem.
Hint: If any harm is inflicted on the gorillas that raised Tarzan, while he is not present, the deal is broken.

The son. So this guy is supposed to be his plans' doom. You see, this is inacceptable and therefore he must die, one way or another. Fortunately for the hero Hades is still convinced, that he is dead.

The widow. All sad and gloomy about the death of her boyfriend she sought help for his revival. Hades kept his promise, but unfortunately he left her. The debth, however, stays in place.
No hints. The boy is alive, you got nothing to rely on.

((The "list" either plots, that are currently being executed or in the making can be found here. Hints for solutions now included.))

Feel like just coming for a visit, have a cup of tea and then leave again? WELL I'M WATCHING YOU!


((Everyone who died at some point during the movie, or was supposed to be dead at the end of the movie.))

Those who he feels friendly towards.

...who exactly did you expect to see here?



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He rules one third of the universe.
He can not create life.
(WIP. In case it's not obvious.))

Originally the world has been ruled by the Titans. However, they were overthrown by Zeus and are therefore mainly pretty mad at him. In case you're wondering why the Titans ain't got anything else to do after finally being freed.

One of the Titans, Rhea, is Zeus', Hades and Heras mother. (YES Hercules, your parents are silblings.)

Hades is in fact married to Persephone, whom he abducted after falling in love with her. She's the daughter of Zeus (who knew, you playboy.) and Demeter. Her mother caused the earth to wither greatly over her own sorrow and anger. It was actually Zeus who suggested Hades to pull this move - go take it out on your husband.

By the time Hades brought her back to the surface the innocent flower girl had turned into the fearsome Queen of the Underworld, whose name was then often spat in curses. She was more frightening to mortals than Hades, who was actually a pretty nice guy. They sealed a deal which included her staying with Hades for one half of the year, the other she would spend with her mother Demeter. Only during this time the hay bag would let summer bloom.

The "fates". Or also known as "Moira" consist of the three godesses of destiny. Remember the elderly, yet oddly charming three sisters from the movie who try to cut Hercules life thread? Yea, that's them.

Klotho is the youngest of the three sisters. It's her job to spin the life thread. Originally one would pray to her during the 9th month of pregnancy.
Lachesis is the middle of the three fates. It's her job to determine the length of a life thread.
Atropos is the oldest of the fates. She is the most powerful of them all, but also the smallest. It's her job as a destroyer to cut the life thread and choose the circumstances of a humans death. She also stands for the future.

All of them are daughters of Zeus and Themis. (God damnit Zeus.) Though some people say they're children of the night - Nyx.

((Includes freely interpreted and maybe unhealthy amounts of mythology.))

Also known as "Hades", simply called after the god watching over it. Pretty creative, isn't it?

The underworld is a place free of the boundaries of time as mortals know it. No matter who you are, or from which century you are - once you're dead and your record is bad enough you're going to land here. Here your soul will roam in the river of Styx until the end of eternity.

If you eat one bite of food in the underworld you stay forever. Boom.

Another permanent living guest to the underworld besides Persephone is the guy who tried to get her out of there as his bride: Peirithous. What a loser.

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"Stop. I said stop." Pain and Panic balanced on random objects they found laying around outside and tried to entertain a very unamused god. "I SAID SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!" he suddenly screamed and burned the stack of cans Panic was standing on, causing him to fall down. They collected themselves and crouched on the floor, shivering in fear.

"Hades, christmas is approaching fast! Wouldn't you like to celebrate it this year for a change?" one of them asked shakily. The flames that had raised furiously suddenly retreated and he leaned forward on his throne. "Of course! There is an empty corner in the underworld where you could place a christmas tree, if Cerberus is willing to make some space you could get a big one even."

They stared at him. He stared back. "Christmas the time to engage in more action with your loved ones, are there crushes you have you didn't bother telling me about yet?" he asked, fluttering his eyelashes. Once one of them took a breath to speak the fire surrounding his otherwise balt head flared up again. "Run while you still can." he hissed. "I think a few free days wont be bad for you guys." They cheered, suitcases in their hands. "Resort Styx. Of course. If you forget about your duties I will see to it, that your holidays will be unforgetable. Sunburns included."

He left his throne and walked up to the tower of the Fates. The three ladies, if you could call them that, weren't aware of the seasons. They appeared occassionally to end a life. During the winter days one or another poor soul ended up freezing in the snow, and ultimately be welcomed into the warm realms of the underworld.

"My dearest." he greeted them, after waiting for them to finish their job on another pretty frosty hair. Another mortal idiot thought wandering in the mountains at this time of the year was a good idea, apparently. Hades lowered down towards them.

Now, their neutral attitude usually ended up failing on one of the sisters being charmed by him, and allowing him to look into their all-seeing eye. Today he wanted to see the present. Failing to take over the cosmos against Zeus and his wonderful son Hercules had been tiresome and it was a bit lonely without Meg as his pet.

Who knows, maybe your character makes for a better, longer lasting servant?

"Dear Santa Claus, I would like a new pet."

((Respond to this journal and get your character into trouble, sounds like a fair deal, no? Well I'm glad I got Hades and here's your portion of villainry for now. No bigger plots will be executed in the near future, because of christmas.^^
HINT: This journal is meant as a plot device. Describe your character in a situation you think explains his/her weakness or what they crave badly, that Hades can provide. Or in what way they could be of use to the Lord of Dead. That's how I imagine this to work. Good luck.))
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