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If you land here you've probably done something stupid.

You know how some people have an autograph book? Well I have something similiar, but it requires your soul.

A guest. She has agreed to follow Hades to the underworld by the promise of having a place to forget about her pains.
Hint: In order to leave, she has to leave something as well, literally - if you know what I mean.

The goner. So you prefer to spend your time in Neverland together with your brothers? Sure, why not! She has gotten tickets, which will get her to the place anytime she wants. This is a one-way action everytime.
Hints: Destroy the ticket. But you wouldn't want to do that, would you?

The unlucky fellow. Seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror, or an eternity of serving the Lord of the Dead to fix it was her choice to make.
Hint: Destroy the mirror, the entrance to Wonderland.

The lonely little monkey. In one of her most vulnerable states she was put even lower 'by accident' and Hades just happened to be around the corner to fix her little long-distance relationship problem.
Hint: If any harm is inflicted on the gorillas that raised Tarzan, while he is not present, the deal is broken.

The son. So this guy is supposed to be his plans' doom. You see, this is inacceptable and therefore he must die, one way or another. Fortunately for the hero Hades is still convinced, that he is dead.

The widow. All sad and gloomy about the death of her boyfriend she sought help for his revival. Hades kept his promise, but unfortunately he left her. The debth, however, stays in place.
No hints. The boy is alive, you got nothing to rely on.

((The "list" either plots, that are currently being executed or in the making can be found here. Hints for solutions now included.))

Feel like just coming for a visit, have a cup of tea and then leave again? WELL I'M WATCHING YOU!


((Everyone who died at some point during the movie, or was supposed to be dead at the end of the movie.))

Those who he feels friendly towards.

...who exactly did you expect to see here?





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He rules one third of the universe.
He can not create life.
(WIP. In case it's not obvious.))

Originally the world has been ruled by the Titans. However, they were overthrown by Zeus and are therefore mainly pretty mad at him. In case you're wondering why the Titans ain't got anything else to do after finally being freed.

One of the Titans, Rhea, is Zeus', Hades and Heras mother. (YES Hercules, your parents are silblings.)

Hades is in fact married to Persephone, whom he abducted after falling in love with her. She's the daughter of Zeus (who knew, you playboy.) and Demeter. Her mother caused the earth to wither greatly over her own sorrow and anger. It was actually Zeus who suggested Hades to pull this move - go take it out on your husband.

By the time Hades brought her back to the surface the innocent flower girl had turned into the fearsome Queen of the Underworld, whose name was then often spat in curses. She was more frightening to mortals than Hades, who was actually a pretty nice guy. They sealed a deal which included her staying with Hades for one half of the year, the other she would spend with her mother Demeter. Only during this time the hay bag would let summer bloom.

The "fates". Or also known as "Moira" consist of the three godesses of destiny. Remember the elderly, yet oddly charming three sisters from the movie who try to cut Hercules life thread? Yea, that's them.

Klotho is the youngest of the three sisters. It's her job to spin the life thread. Originally one would pray to her during the 9th month of pregnancy.
Lachesis is the middle of the three fates. It's her job to determine the length of a life thread.
Atropos is the oldest of the fates. She is the most powerful of them all, but also the smallest. It's her job as a destroyer to cut the life thread and choose the circumstances of a humans death. She also stands for the future.

All of them are daughters of Zeus and Themis. (God damnit Zeus.) Though some people say they're children of the night - Nyx.

((Includes freely interpreted and maybe unhealthy amounts of mythology.))

Also known as "Hades", simply called after the god watching over it. Pretty creative, isn't it?

The underworld is a place free of the boundaries of time as mortals know it. No matter who you are, or from which century you are - once you're dead and your record is bad enough you're going to land here. Here your soul will roam in the river of Styx until the end of eternity.

If you eat one bite of food in the underworld you stay forever. Boom.

Another permanent living guest to the underworld besides Persephone is the guy who tried to get her out of there as his bride: Peirithous. What a loser.

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A funny accident ((Group Transformation))

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 20, 2015, 3:02 AM

The three godesses of destiny; Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos stood in the tower of the underworld. Watching yet another life fade away and awaiting their turn to cut the thread of life. Sending the spirit either to the underworld or heaven. Deciding where it would go wasn't up to them. The only ones that were safe from this procedure were gods, godesses and their faithful servants. Demons and angels.

Today they were accompanied by several little demons creeping around them and seemingly fuelling the darkness and cold within the pitch black stones. One of the sisters in particular found them awfully cute. Perhaps they would like to see a bit of the world they wouldn't ever get to lay their eyes upon, unless Hades decided they had to.

Lachesis gladly shared their eye with them, as Klotho sat down to spin a new thread. They weren't only there to take life, but also to create the threads to new lifes. The fate that sat with the demons was actually supposed to determine its length. Klotho, who was still holding the thread, now glared at her sister. Perhaps she would have scolded her, if she could.

These little demons are a bit like the bullies you know from school. If the leader isn't around, they're actually very nice.. and curious. A few of them hopped around like playful childs and snatched the thread away from her fingers. Curses. Life was such a nice thing to play around with. Especially, when the thread started to gleam and broke under the sharp teeth of the little demon.

Only when it was too late Lachesis turned her head in shock, after what she saw in the future. The demons, realizing what they've done screeched in delight. Unknowing of what process of the fates they just disturbed, they flew from the room.

Now. Destiny doesen't only stand for things that have been long foretold, but also for things nobody had expected to happen for real. One of the sisters, Lachesis, represents this element of concurrence. Her eyes followed one of the sparkles flying through the room. Somehow it found a way out of the window and bounced against countless stalactites until it escaped towards the surface. That was indeed very unlikely to happen.

The two standing sisters glared down at Lachesis and only received a slight shrug of her shoulders. It was a good thing, that they weren't capable of speaking. Else Hades would have known something happened from their horrible screeching. Probably ending up rushing to fix the mistake as fast as possible. None of this happened, though. The little sparkle crushed into the ground and dissolved into the soil of a flower field.

One flowers standing on top of it shivered momentarily from the change going through its system. Affected by a kind of ancient magic, used to shape life. It was like an infection quickly spreading unrestrained from plant to plant until the entire flower field had absorbed it. The change caused the animals around to run away in shock. The flowers weren't capable of stopping the magic from continuing to emit from them.

It would be easy for Hades to make the imbued flowers rot away. Unfortunately, he had more urgent matters at hand. He was busy choosing a suitable restaurant on Olympus for Aphrodite and himself. Uninterupted due to the love potion he found in front of the Hatter's shop the other day. The magic of mortals truly was a wonderful thing.

Meanwhile, the sisters had been recalled. Only a piece of broken thread remained on the bottom of the tower.

((Everyone who would like to partake will switch genders for the durations of their RPs, or until 05.03.2015. Only those who take part actively will be affected, although the journal may or may not suggest otherwise.))

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