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*The Lord of the Dead was chuckling in his throne room. Rising from his skeletal arm chair, he graced the premises of the Underworld. It seemed he was much more malignant than usual. The dark, carnal smile gracing his mouth gave away that he was especially sadistic this evening…*

*Arriving to the river of souls the moaning of the spirits was especially deafening. The answer to this unusual behavior was 100ft above the spirits: La Esmeralda lay dangling right over the heads of the screaming mass just below. She kicked and thrashed about, tears running down her face as she swore at Hades.*
"You aren't going to get away with this! You coward!"
*The Gypsy struggled with all her might, but the ropes tightened each time she did so, providing a tighter constriction and a weary grimace. Her vivid emerald eyes reflected fear, opposing her head strong nature. The 100 foot drop wasn't helping her nerves in the slightest as she closed her eyes turning slightly pale. The thick ectoplasmic river seemed to spiral down for miles, and if the Gypsy was dropped her life would be drained from her within seconds, her body unsalvageable and ultimately destroyed. Her soul: lost amongst the swimming mass.* 

*Hades put his hands over his ears.* "Yeesh, how is it that I can still hear you above all this?! Oy vey..." *He stuck a finger into his pointed ear flicking out a piece of sulfur.* 
"Look, Esme, babe, nothing personal. My problem is with "Oh-Pious-One" :iconwdisneyrp-frollo: and your annoying brother :iconwdisneyrp-clopin: if you were smart you'd… SHUT THE HELL UP!"

*Leaving Esmeralda to despair, he disappeared into a cloud of smoke, entering a dark secluded room. There was a thick smell of iron… Upon the walls, dried blood was smeared from the torture of mortals that had found themselves into the Underworld. Normally Hades was dismissive of such low beings…but sometimes there was that one that he just could not stand. This special room is where they would breathe their last breath, never to be seen from again.*

*In this very room, a frightened goanna shivered from the sight of the Lord of the Underworld. His eyes shown no color, a morbid appearance washed over them as his pupils dilated, rendering his yellow eyes completely black. He was a demon and he wanted revenge. There was no subtlety when it came to this art, at least not for Hades. He was getting his retribution for the three imbeciles laying their disgusting lips on his Maleficent.  Pulling out a knife he walked closer and closer to Joanna.* 
"Now what was that song your master :iconwdisneyrp-percival: always sings before he skins an animal?"

[OMG I FEEL SO EVILLL!!!! I don't think I've done something real devious with Hades. Mwahaha! 
I rendered each photo manip in this journal, took forever, but the results I couldn't be happier with!
Well you heard Hades! :iconwdisneyrp-frollo::iconwdisneyrp-clopin::iconwdisneyrp-percival:!! Save your womenand lizard! …Oh and just so you know, Hades has large surprises up his sleeves so watch out, that's the only thing I'm giving away...

Anyone is welcome to join in the rescue! Save Esmeralda and Joanna before time runs out!]
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